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Last weekend my husband and I decided to go camping just the two of us. We didn’t have any plans for the weekend and like to usually get out of the city come Friday, so we thought driving a few hours to nicer weather and a calming environment sounded just perfect. So we made our way towards South Lake Tahoe, and planned to hike the Lake Margaret trail.


Every part of this trail is amazing, many people use it as a hiking trail but some backpack in and camp overnight. There aren’t any designated camp grounds, you hike 2.5 miles in and find an ideal spot to set up camp. We found the perfect spot away from the main path- it was open, empty, and right on the lake. We arrived, dropped our things, and jumped in the lake for the most scenic and relaxing swim that I can remember having.



Since this is mainly used as a hiking trail, there are no bear bins or bathrooms- which makes for the fun experience. That being said, we made sure to bring rop, sturdy bags, freeze-dried camping food, small camping stove, and the essentials when sleeping among wild animals.

It was the perfect weekend; an easy hike, a beautiful hike, a relaxing 2 days. We didn’t run into any bears… and I’m okay with that.